Rapid Fab

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Ricoh are world leaders in technology and are focused on driving your projects forward by supporting your business’s engineering and additive manufacturing innovations. RICOH Rapid Fab offers the latest technologies in 3D printing and injection molding by combining each aspect of its process into one simple solution. Expert design, leading additive manufacturing technologies, effective training and consulting, plus post-production and inspection services, all in one place.

Tried, tested and successfully established in Japan, RICOH Rapid Fab offers 360° services in additive manufacturing. Our industry-leading engineers and designers guide you through each aspect of the design and manufacturing process, to help your business reach it’s manufacturing goals. As well as RICOH Rapid Fab’s outstanding knowledge in manufacturing services, customers benefit from RICOH Rapid Fab knowledge in 3D printing technologies. Ricoh offers a variety of 3D printers such as Material extrusion (FDM), Material Jetting (polyjet & Multijet), Powderbed fusion (SLS, DMLS), Vat Photo polymerisation (SLA) and Binder jet - ideal for different types of manufacturing needs.

RICOH Rapid Fab training and demonstrations will equip your employees with the expertise to make confident business decisions to reach your manufacturing goals. Save time and money by learning how to reduce production and part costs, as well as process and lead times.

Our aim is to support your design, engineering and manufacturing innovations. Benefit from Ricoh’s post-production, measurement and inspection services plus on-hand technical advice to help your products transform from concept to finished product.

The perfect technologies and services, combined to help your business grow.

Contact us today and find out how your innovative idea can be the next market-leading product.

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