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How will you work in the future?

Ricoh & The Economist Intelligence Unit - How will you work tomorrow?

Find out how the Ricoh & Economist Intelligence Unit predict businesses will change in 2020

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Ricoh folyamathatékonysági tanulmány

Ez a Coleman Parkes független kutatócéggel közösen készített tanulmány a kritikus üzleti dokumentum folyamatokat vizsgálja Európában, és felméri azokat a pontokat, ahol javulást lehetne elérni.

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Economist Intelligence Whitepaper

Gearing for growth: Future drivers of corporate productivity: This whitepaper examines what steps businesses in all sectors are taking to improve productivity, especially in the current economic climate.

Man in an office looking forward.
Managed Print and Document Services for Controlling Today's - and Tomorrow's - Information Costs

This whitepaper explores the opportunities of managed document services, and the cost and impact of not managing your documents effectively.

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Managing Documents for Success in the New Business Information Paradigm

This research reveals how document workflow initiatives are increasingly being identified as one of the last untapped areas of the IT infrastructure to deliver significant productivity enhancements.

Black and white bar graph on paper.
Document Governance Index

This whitepaper provides insight into document management, how it is governed in Europe and how it fits in today’s economic and technological climate.

Man in an office standing with a laptop.
Secure Document Governance

This whitepaper paper examines how European business leaders are managing security within the specific context of document governance.

Office woman using mobile device
Sustainable Document Governance

This whitepaper examines how European business leaders are managing sustainability within the specific context of document governance and where it fits in with today’s economic and technological agenda.

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